Tuesday, April 21, 2009

sir stinky foot

for those of you that had not run into our youngest the last 10 days, he had a little green cast on his foot. today we had it taken off. yea! but oh my gracious did that thing stank! stink is too kind of a word for how it smelled. i kept the shell of the cast to do something very unkind to my brother the next time i see him. you know how that sibling rivalry can be. you are drawn to do things that are unexplainable to anyone but the receiver and the perpetrator. so i am currently creating my detailed plan that will involve sir stinky foot's cast.

anyway back to the original topic our youngest g and his foot. he was so cute in the doctors office today. talking up a storm while the ladies that were helping remove the cast explained in great detail all that would go on. g just sat there and listened so carefully to all that they were saying answering the questions with a yes maam. after they were all done he looked at me and said, what-di-zay-say? so in a way that only a mother can explain to her own child, i told him what was going to happen in two sentences. he simply answered, ok. and he knew that it was because i was there right behind him holding one hand and one foot all was alright. he was great. no tears and really was just the perfect little man. you know...these moments are the ones that make parenting so rewarding. sadly they are not all this pleasant. but the unpleasant ones are fewer and fewer. praise the LORD!

after the cast was removed they gave me what was supposed to be a wet wipe, that had long since been wet to remove the "stank". lets just say that i don't know how many showers it is going to take to get rid of it but i am thankful that thing was only on for 10 days. and i am so thankful it was my 3 year olds foot and not my dear husbands that i am sure would have produced at least 3 times the stinch!

~type to you soon~

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Jenny said...

I have had casts on both feet and it does stink. I recommend a loofah and a lot of scrubbing - lots of skin to slough off. Urg.

Good luck!