Saturday, April 18, 2009

saturday morning cartoons VIIII

the whole notion of going green kind of cracks me up. really green means those good old fashioned ideas that our great, great grandparents used and taught their children, and then were past down until we got too good to make our own things to clean and fertilize and take care of our families. we have now figured out a way to commercialize ideas and notions that have been in practice for hundreds of years. ok enough on that tangent.

here are some "green" otherwise known as your great grandmothers cleaning tips:

white vinegar will disinfect and unclog drains. mix with water and it makes a great cleaner for counter, glass, and tile.

lemon juice is a great natural odor eater and stain remover

baking soda safely can be used for scrubbing surfaces without scratching

microfiber cloths can wipe any stubborn stains without any solution added

salt breaks down stubborn baked on food

olive oil may be used as furniture polish

club soda removes stains

cornstarch picks up spills on carpet

all information taken from parentlife april 2009
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