Tuesday, April 14, 2009

more freebies this week

walgreens trip 2: you could do this all in one trip just separate transactions for the toothbrushes.

buy the toothpaste and one toothbrush in one transaction. use register rewards( from the first trip first then give the 75 cents off manufacturers coupon that takes off the toothbrush. use your free toothpaste coupon from the glucose monitor. then you will receive a 3.50 register reward. then do a second transaction for the 2nd toothbrush. use another 75 cent off coupon and get a second 3.50 register reward. do not use your first 3.50 register reward to buy your second toothbrush or the 2nd register reward will not print.

if you have some CVS ECBS to use here is a deal

do 2 separate transactions with 1 pump and 1 refill in each transaction. use 1 $2 off coupon for the pump (soft soap ensembles) and $1 off for the refill. i used some EBS i had to pay for the rest of the amount. with each transaction $4 ECB prints off.
suave small hand lotions are $1 this week so with a 50 cent coupon they are free.
mccormicks grill mates are $1 so with the 75 cent coupon they are free
colgate wisps are $1 with the 50 coupon they are free
~type to you soon~

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