Wednesday, April 29, 2009

i have missed you

i am so sorry that i have been away so long. this week has been CRA-ZY! as far as the sewing class goes, just come the first week. i think that we are going to do pillows and i am open for the other option for the evening if some of you want to make suggestions. for those of you that are wanting to do alterations etc. or have a specific project that you want to complete let me know in the comments. that is no problem. i will work with each of you and just float around. we will go over many basics the first night. i have tons of extra fabric from different projects that i have done so if you want to dig into my stash and do not want to purchase fabric for the first night that is A ok with me. i also have a super easy oil cloth table cloth for outside we could do that as our second option.

this is for beginners and intermediate...because i am intermediate! anyway i am looking forward to this class with all of you. my house, thursday night, 7 pm. i will have light snacks. i would love for you to come christy :)

~type to you soon~

ps...the garden is in and there will be more on that soon!


Amy Coomes said...

We have missed you too!! I will be there Thurs night, very excited!! And it looks like I'll have my own sewing machine, yeah for Mother's Day!!

lindsay said...

Hey, I would love to come to the class, do you happen to have an extra machine? I don't have a sewing machine...imagine that?

There's No Place Like Home said...

Thanks again for hosting! I will be there and can't wait to learn some new skills.

soccermom said...

Look forward to hearing more about the garden!!

sclinken said...

I will be there, too. May have to leave early to pick up the girls at moms:)

sclinken said...

If anyone wants a free dress pattern, go to:

It is the cutest dress. I haven't had time to look over the whole site yet:)

Meredith said...

Amy C. just informed me today about your sewing class. I know that I have missed the first session, but I would love to jump in for the remainder if that is alright with you! You can contact me at my email address
Meredith Yoder