Monday, March 9, 2009

wiping for free?

to my dismay today my kroger did not have my cottonelle 99cent toliet paper. i stood in the aisle, scanning, scanning, hoping my eyes were playing a trick on me. they were not! there is not even a tag to designate its spot. it is gone! whatever will i do? i don't think that i am ready to start wiping with cloths. there must be some other solution. but i have been spoiled. this could be bad ladies. check your kroger this week and see if yours still has it and please let me know if you find it. as i might have to storm the store and stock up for at least the next 6 months:)
~type to you soon~


RKG said...

I too am afraid that the days of free paper just might be gone. I was in the Kroger on 18 the other day to grab one thing and noticed that the store lacked the 99 cent packs, and then today I was in my store in Hebron and they too had an empty space where it should be.

Unknown said...

This is a big topic at A Full Cup - one woman even called kroger corp to find out what happened. Aparently Cottonelle was raising the price, so Kroger decided to pull it rather than pass that increase on to us. They will be carrying Angel Soft (I think) in its place. But so far we haven't seen Qs that would make it free. :(