Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Walgreens Tips for maximum effectiveness

Go over to Southern Savers, http://www.southernsavers.com/2009/03/walgreens-tips-tricks/, and check out this post on maximizing savings at Walgreens. These are some great tips. I actually just experienced a negative there today. They would only let me use one of my register rewards instead of the two that I was trying to use. I asked if that is a new policy because I have used more than one there before. The manager was not available to answer my question. It was still a great savings day. I got $63.00 in items for $9.36. It would have only been $3.36. What have been your Walgreens experiences?
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lindsay said...

So we need to talk, I do well, but never that well. How do you get $63 worth of stuff for only $9? I sometimes feel that I am not using all of my resources or maybe am not stacking my coupons correctly.

Unknown said...

I still don't shop at Wags or CVS very often because it seems like so much work between the instant coupons, regular coupons, sales, rebates, etc. for the items I would be getting. Maybe I just need to sit down and DO it a few times to get the hang of it! One time when I tried it with a stack of coupons everything was beeping and the checkout girl was unsure about things, and I needed to get out of the store, it just took too much time! Maybe I'll try again - its been a few weeks... :)

soccermom said...

They have been great about giving rainchecks if they are out of the item so remember to ask for one! I'm with Lindsay how did you do that well! Could you give us an idea of what you bought and how you used coupons/rebates etc on that many items b/c that is amazing!!

Amy Coomes said...

I used 3 RR on Sunday. I know that they won't let you use them if you have a coupon for every item. Say you have 5 items and 5 coupons, you cant use the RR, so grab a pack of gum or something to use the RR. That way you have 6 items and 5 coupons and 1 RR totaling 6. That make sense?

I actually did great there this week, as I had a lot of coupons, $22 in RR and $21 on a GC from rebates. I got $68 worth of stuff for $6 and I put that on my GC, so I spent nothing out of pocket at Walgreens this week!! Awesome! And still have about $15 left on the card for next week!

Sally said...

I think I figured Walgreens out. You HAVE to have one item per coupon--unlike CVS--and RR's count as MQ's. So like AMy said if you really want to use your RR's and you already have one coupon for every item then you have to grab a pack of gum.

You can't pay for taxes with RR's. So for example say your total was $30 before coupons--tax would be like $1.80. THen say you use all your coupons RR's. You still have to pay cash (or with a GC) a minimum of $1.80. Does this make sense? So even if you had an RR to pay for ALL of it it won't work since you can't use a "coupon" to pay for tax.

Two things you could do: Add an item (that is at least $1.80) or just not use your RR. Always take some clearance items to the counter just in case.

Hope this helps

Carrie said...

I echo Lindsay's comment... I feel like I need some tutoring!!