Wednesday, March 25, 2009

walgreens this week 2

ok, so i can't find my receipt from walgreens and i think that i am loosing my mind because i can't remember everything that i purchased yesterday. i am going to tell you what i do remember.
i bought 2 of these
they are on sale for 8.99. then i used the coupon in the monthly booklet twice so it took $4 of each and then i used 2 of the manufacturers coupons that were in the paper this past weekend that were $4 off each. So i paid $1.98 for something that would have normally cost $17.98. then i purchased 6 bars of yardley soap

that were 79 cents on sale with the weekly coupon and are normally $1.89. i purchased 2 boxes of 36 count playtex tampons
and used the $2 off coupon in the monthly booklet then i used 2 of the $1 off manufacturers coupons from the paper. they totaled $3.99 each box and normally cost $8.99. i know there were a few other things that i am forgetting but again, no brain left ladies. i also used a $10 register reward on my $19 and some change total.
i hope that this helps. i will try to let you know what i buy each week if that would be helpful. let me know if that is something that you want.
a friend also gave me a tip today on energizer batteries. apparently you can buy some for around $5.30 for each pack and there is a monthly rebate for $10 off 2 packs or $15 off 3 packs. That would put you at paying around 60 or 90 cents for 2 or 3 packs. sounds like i might have to go back to get this deal.
~type to you soon~


lindsay said...

yes, that is helpful, thank you.I also just figured out that too about the batteries, and i am definitely going back tomm!!

soccermom said...

Yes, that is very helpful thank you!!