Thursday, March 5, 2009


When Le first asked me to do this, 2 things came to mind.
1….Uh, no. Because there are other people WAY more suited to do this and
2….What do I share so I cover the most important things first?

I know everyone wants practical advice and I get that, but I don’t feel like I can just jump right in there without sharing a few foundational things first. That explains the first 2 posts and maybe a few more to follow, but I promise, we’ll get into the more day to day stuff soon.
I think playing with your children ranks right up there with one of the best things you can do for your children. You can teach them skills, teach them how to play, teach them how to be kind and share, but more importantly, you can let them know how much you want to spend time with them and how much you value them. They get that. You can also show them how much you care for them by doing things for them, but let’s face it…that’s not hard to do. We all cook for them, clean for them, do their laundry, take them places and so on. But do you really play with them? You already know what their favorite things are. And it doesn’t take that long…about 10-20 minutes. You might not be able to do it every day, but do it as often as you can. They notice it.
~type to you thursday~

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