Saturday, March 14, 2009

saturday morning cartoons VI

i think that using ebay to specifically target certain items that your family uses is a huge money saver. you can normally purchase 10-20 coupons for around $1.50-2.50. what is great is that most of the coupons are for at least $1 saving so you are saving between $10 and $20 depending on the quantity that you buy. this week i checked out the mommy snacks preview for the walgreens and cvs sales for this coming week. after i looked at the sales i went to ebay and purchased coupons for the specific items that i knew i was going to purchase. with an initial investment of $3.25 (including shipping) i will be saving $40 and building a huge stockpile on two specific items that my family uses. if you have any questions about this or have done this for yourselves please comment and share some stories.

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Sally said...

I'm totally with you on buying coupons on ebay or couponclippers. It's better than buying a whole newspaper just because you like one coupon.

One thing that I would suggest is to look at the ads a few days before they start and then see which items you want to stock up on. Then buy your coupons so they'll be in your mailbox before the drugstore deals start.

Also don't buy coupons that expire less than a month from the day you buy them.