Sunday, March 29, 2009

organizational oasis-color coding closets

no this is not my closet.
if you have this many shirts you need to weed some out.
so here goes...i started color coding my closet about 3 years ago. i grouped all of my shirts and pants by color and it really helps me expedite getting dressed very quickly. it is also a great way to see areas to clean out and areas where a new shirt or slacks might be needed. ex. if you have 12 pink shirts you might need to weed a few out. i also keep winter and summer grouped together in the colors but i put all pink winter shirts together and all pink summer shirts together in one large pink group. i hope that makes sense. another tip is to limit the number if items in one particular color to 2-3 articles of clothing. since i have started this way of organizing i realize that i really have all that i need and if i do purchase something new in a certain color, something of the same color leaves the closet. the only item and color that i have too much of is black pants for obvious reasons:) please comment with any questions and email me before and after pictures.
~type to you soon~

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v. said...

after seeing your closet. i did do this with mine and truly it does make things easier! thx for the tip