Wednesday, March 18, 2009

growing garden

not yet! but i am sure excited about this new adventure we are taking on this summer. i wanted to let you know a few little tips that i have learned in the past few weeks. coffee grounds are great for the soil. we have been saving ours and i have also been periodically stopping by local coffee shops and asking for their used grounds. if anyone wants to save theirs for me in a ziploc baggie that would be stupendous! another tip is to plant your rows of vegetables running north to south for maximum sunlight and airflow. i would also suggest reading up on the gardening philosophy of companion planting it is very interesting and makes a ton of sense! i will keep you updated on the progress. next week manure (he he) and another till.
~type to you soon~

picture credit: life hacker

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LouAnn said...

Oh this will be fun to read what you're doing. I didn't know about the coffee grounds, can I use them for potted plants too like tomatoes? I've been reading Pioneer Woman as she's just getting started on the garden beds too... :)