Tuesday, March 17, 2009

coupons for you?

here is the list. the first one to comment on what they want claims it.
$5 off at learning express
$1 pledge floor care
$1 any woolite
$1 woolite dry cleaner
$1 woolite carpet cleaner
3 $1 always pads
3 $2 Iams dog or cat food
3 $1 Gain
3 $1 Downy
6 $2 Pledge multi surface spray
3 $2 Prilosec OTC
3 $1 Metamucil
3 $1 Gillette Fusion Aftershave or Hydra gel
3 $2 Gillette Clinical Strength products
2 $3 Swiffer wet jet
$2 Old spice

please claim as many or few of these as you like. i will get them to you!
~type to you soon~


Amy Coomes said...

I want the Downy ones and the Iams ones, oh and I'll be nice and take 2 of the multisurface cleaner!! :)

Carrie said...

Pledge multi surface, please

soccermom said...

I'll take $5 off Learning Express, thanks!!!

J said...

I will take the Edge hydra gel, please:)

Carrie said...

Thank-you Le for the coupons! I'm so frustrated! My printer has been acting up and I haven't been able to print many at all! So, I really appreciate you sharing yours!