Saturday, February 21, 2009

organization oasis-ugh kitchen drawers

obviously not all of my utensils match like these, nor do i have those lovely wood butcher block organizers (although sadly i do find myself coveting them) these organized kitchen drawers show how to minimize the amount of clutter that needs to be in a drawer. my rule of thumb for a kitchen utensil or gadget is, if i haven't used it in a month i don't need it(other than items like corn on the cob skewers that are used seasonally). there is not much that you can't do with a nice paring knife, santoku knife, and serrated knife. I only own those three and never find myself wanting more. i have a few (3) spatulas for big baking days, 2 whisks, tongs, an ice cream scoop, a tomato corer which i use to hull out strawberries, a basting brush, a bottle opener, a can opener, measuring spoons and cups, a plastic and metal spatula and a few different types of peelers for veggies with thick and thin skin. i am not insinuating that this list is perfect for everyone. the point that i am trying to make is, get rid of those things that are in the back of your drawer that you rarely to ever use. if another tool in the kitchen can serve the same purpose or task, keep one and rid the other. you will be amazed at how much easier cooking a meal is when your drawers are organized and you can easily find the tool you need. i would love to see pictures of the organized drawers once you have finished. take before and after. you will be amazed and i am sure i will as well!
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Unknown said...

This is a good challenge Le. I'm always moving stuff around searching for what I want - and I really think I "need" all those items. I will try to clean the drawers out this week! (YES, drawers, and a tool holder too! :O)