Saturday, February 7, 2009

my favorite vegetable-right now

these yummy asparagus were devoured by my family on thursday night. we had taco potatoes, fresh fruit, and these bad boy spears for dinner. i prepared them using olive oil, salt, and pepper. chop the bottom off (the best way to determine where to cut is to take each end of a spear and snap it. where the spear naturally snaps is close to the location that you should chop. you can usually chop about 1/2 in. closer to the bottom). anyway back to the prep...chop, place a on cookie sheet with sides. generously drizzle with olive oil. salt and pepper to taste. place in the oven on broil for 5-7 minutes. watch it. your oven may be different than mine. asparagus is 99 cents a pounds today at kroger. get some for tonight. yummy!
~type to you soon~


Amy Coomes said...

Thanks, but no thanks on this one Le!! I am interested in those taco potatoes though, what is the recipe on that?

v. said...

mine too! My kids love them. Easy to prepare & even better on the grill once it warms up!