Monday, February 16, 2009

let's go krogering

i am off to the grocery in just a few. when do you like to shop?
~type to you soon~


Amy Coomes said...

I go to Walgreens sometime between Sun. night and Tues morn, and go to Krogers on Tues. mornings.

soccermom said...

I normally go to Walgreens on Monday and then Kroger on Thursday afternoon unless there is a really good deal that I want then I go Monday just for that item (s)!

kpenn said...

I try to go to Walgreens on Sunday evening. If you wait until late in the week, some of the good sale items are gone.
I go to Kroger on Tuesday night after dinner when my husband is home so that I can go alone and focus on my coupons and what I am buying. Plus, it is just about the only alone time I get all week.