Friday, February 27, 2009


the plans are underway. i am so excited about the garden that we are planting this spring. i am really looking foward to learning the craft and watching the kids work the land. i worked on the plans last night and did alot of research. the new information that i learned about last night is "companion planting". i had never heard about this but apparently it has been around since moses (just kidding). the idea behind companion planting is that certain vegetables, herbs, and fruits do best when they are paired (companioned) with others. for example, lettuce and carrots are excellent for one another. some of these vegetables even ward off pests when companion planted. we are going to build 4 raised beds in the garden this year. most of the beds will house lettuce, carrots, and asparagus. i may be pulling my hair out come july but right now at the end of February it is a source of excitement. who out there gardens? what are some tips that you think are crucial? do you plan to have a garden this year? what is your favorite vegetable to grow?
~type to you soon~
picture credit: north conway


soccermom said...

My favorite thing to plant are tomatoes, and eggplant. We did cucumbers one year and it took over everything and I could not keep up with it!! A herb garden is fun too!

Carrie said...

I had a garden when I lived at home with my parents. My favorite thing to grow was cantaloupe -- so sweet and juicy!! The only tips I can share is to go ahead and pick the zucchini or else they will continue to grow and be as big as baseball bats! The other tip, plant a row of flowers along with your other plants, this is supposed to help draw the bugs to the flowers and AWAY from your fruits and veggies. Thanks for sharing. I'm feeling inspired to plan my own garden!