Saturday, February 21, 2009

everybody loves to be clean

here is today's giveaway... a basket with the following items:
2 buddies soaps
2 bottles of shampoo
1 tube of toothpaste
2 bars of soap
1 hand soap pump
1 deodorant
1 bottle of lotion
3 razors
comment with the following idea...
i love to clean_________
i hate to clean_________
i feel the best when this is clean________
~type to you soon~
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RKG said...

I love to clean my kids!! Bathtime can be so much fun with bubbles.

I hate to clean the oven. Talk about the fumes...

I feel better when I have clean sheets. There is nothing more relaxing than climbing into fresh sheets.

Unknown said...

Was just sharing my new couponing skills with friends from church this morning. So I posted your give-away on my blog - maybe you'll have some new visitors! Hope that's ok! (I don't know how many of them read my blog. LOL)

soccermom said...

I love to clean the tables in the living room- makes them shiny at least for an hour or so! I hate to clean the bathroom tub! I feel best when the boys rooms are clean and toys are put away!!

D said...


D said...

I love to clean my closets! Nothing like tossing out the old stuff and organizing the new.

I hate to clean the fish tank when it's way overdue.

I feel better when I have an entire house clean all in one day.

Karin said...

I love to clean: truthfully nothing! It is a necessary evil.
I hate to clean: tubs
I feel the best when this is clean: my hair

dbh said...

I love to clean me..I like all the newest latest and greatest shower gels.

I hate to clean my basement (which needs to be cleaned right now.) It's our play room and the toys are out of control.

I feel better when my bathrooms are clean (especially the toilets). We go there to get clean so it should be clean.

Amy Coomes said...

I do not love to clean, I really miss the cleaning lady who use to clean for me!! I don't mind laundry all that much!

I hate to clean the toilets, well bathrooms period. Two kids and a husband-they are always dirty! I hate dusting too!

I feel best when my floors are clean and when I go to bed at night with a clean house! I love clean sheets too!

Sally said...

I love to clean--my kitchen sink. This is weird I know, but there is nothing that drives me nuts more that a sink piled high with dirty dishes.

I hate to clean the toilets, on clothes (the baby boy) on the carpet, in the yard(from the dog--not my family). Poop in general is not my favorite.

I feel best when I have a clean kitchen. The house can be a wreck, but if my kitchen counters are clear, I'm ok.

Unknown said...

I love to clean my living room furniture..the dusting makes such a difference!

I hate to clean ANYTING in the bathroom. BLAH!

I feel the best when my shower is clean!

Jenny said...

I love to steam clean my floors. I think that I just love the fun of using my steam cleaner and the fact that my floors are spotless with only water - no chemicals.

I hate to clean my basement. I have to use it quite a bit as it has the laundry room, the treadmill and my craft room but it's a mess. I just get a little pang of the blues each time I have to walk down the basement stairs. Good thing it has a door. That locks.

I feel the best when my kitchen and dining room are clean, tidy and organized. It makes me feel like I can take a deep breath and relax.