Monday, January 5, 2009

walgreens will never be the same

last night i went to do my weekly shop night at walgreens. this is a relatively new thing for me. i started clipping coupons, shopping serious sales, and creating a stockpile store at our house about 5 weeks ago. the sales at walgreens this week are incredible especially combined with coupons many of the items are FREE or nearly free. most of the items are the brands that i already used before the new adventure began. here is the lowdown. i purchased $176.00 of merchandise for $71.60 plus I received $5.00 back in register rewards to use next week. they also overcharged me by $6.00 so i will return to get my refund. total out of pocket expense for $176.oo was $60.60. i am amazed. let me know if you want to know how to do this. i will be happy to help you. this is just another way to provide for your family and invest the money God has so graciously given in a wise manner. love you all!
~type to you soon~

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v. said...

I would be all over a tutorial! I'm sure there is even more that I could do to save & stockpile. Let me know when sign-ups are for the class, I'll be the first to be there:)