Saturday, January 17, 2009

walgreens deals of the week...a day early...shhh

go here to hot coupon world to see the flyer early.

there are some really good deals this week if you have been collecting coupons for a while. if not i would go for the deals where you receive bucks back from walgreens, like the p and g deal and the unilever deal, if you use any of those products. the chocolate covered macadamia nuts are a great buy when combined with the easy saver rebate on page 4. 50 cents a bag. remember to wait to buy until you check the coupons that come tomorrow. let me know how you do.


soccermom said...

Hi Le!
I was amazed as I don't shop at Walgreens but I was able to get things I normally get at other places and saved $12.00---yeah, thanks!! Kori

Le said...