Sunday, January 25, 2009

new sidebar

1. i am trying to find a way for all of us to benefit from each others coupon clipping. if there is a certain brand that you use all the time or your children need please comment to this post and i will list it. i will be the "catch all" for the coupons and redistribute them to the people who use the brands. please try to help out the coupon community by watching for the brands that are listed to the side as we know how they can save some serious money. also if you see a particular coupon in the paper on a certain week that you would like to have more of, comment on the most recent post and i will add it to the list.

2. i removed some of the sites from coupon corner because i did not think that they were that user friendly and not beneficial. i did add a few more and i will continue to look for ones that are super coupon sites.

3. i am going to add the cottonelle toliet paper link to the side bar under coupon corner for the free toliet paper.

4. lexington gals feel free to comment on the brands that you need as well. i will label them with a (lex) behind the brand and maybe shannon can be the catch all for you. or if another of you would like to be the catch all that would be great. sunday would be a great time to switch at church.
~type to you soon~


Sally said...

That's a great idea! I've got 3 ensure coupons ($2/1) if your friend wants them. I love the mikesells chips (were in today's paper) so if anyone is willing to swap I'd take those.

Le said...

I am sure she would love to have them. If you dont mind just pop them in G's bag and i will get them from W. Thanks!

Amy Coomes said...

We use the Iams dog food. There was a coupon last week if anyone saved it! Thanks!