Sunday, January 11, 2009

coupon corner

just an fyi for all of my coupon 101 girls. i have added the coupon corner in the side bar that has all of the online sites that i visit each week to print off my coupons to combine and stack with other manufacturers coupons. some of these sites allow you to add them to your grocery store card. enjoy. i really had fun at our class today. to whom much is given, much is required. the little bit of work is so worth the yield. two more classes this week on monday and thursday. let me know if you want to come.
~type to you soon~


gigimom said...

Thank you for all the great tips!
I went to Kroger tonite and saved $31.71!

You are an inspiration!
I appreciate you sharing your expertise!

I look forward to learning more ways to save and be a good steward!


soccermom said...

Hi Le!
I look forward to saving some money---I truly appreciate the tips!! Thanks- Kori

v. said...

Went to Kroger today & saved $30 then went to Walgreens and saved $50 then went to Staples and saved $25 all for necessities! Thanks Le....God has truly blessed you with many gifts:)

v. said...
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v. said...

check out

m said...

Thanks for taking the time to show us! You are such a blessing! I look forward to lots of savings!