Thursday, January 22, 2009

the beautiful bottle

this little beauty is the key to saving yourself some major money for cleaning products. i have two of these that i use to clean the majority of our home. for countertops, windows, mirrors, kitchen table, and bathroom fixtures i use a mixture of dawn dishwashing liquid and water. for windows and mirrors use approximately 7 drops for a small water bottle like the picture above. for larger bottles add a little more. use the lesser amount to avoid streaking. for all of the other above surfaces i mix a little more soap to have a little more cleaning power. to disinfect, i use a bleach and water mixture in the same type of bottle. usually about 10% bleach 90% water. i use this mixture to clean toilets, kill germs, and wipe down kitchen handles and cabinet knobs. really the only other cleaning products that i use in my house are toilet bowl cleaner, and an occasional scrubbing bubbles on the bathtubs. i also have on hand some lysol for the computer keyboards, and toys after sickness.
all told i purchase 3 cleaning products. i even use the dawn and water mixture in my hardwood floor cleaner. just a few drops of dawn. not much! works like a charm and sure beats buying those expensive cleaners.

~type to you soon~


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting Le! As I run out of stuff I'm going to try this - so much easier than having 10 bottles of stuff with me as I clean the house. BTW, I did find this article on organized home too, which had a couple more ideas, I like the vinegar as a deodorizer!

Sally said...

Le, where'd you get that bottle? I have one that I bought to make my own cleaning products as well (when I dont' get them for free) and everytime I sprays it sucks air from inside the bottle and it gets all contorted. Then I have to blow air in the bottle to get it normal looking gain--I know GROSS! Needless to say I need a new one.

Le said...

you can find these bottles like this at the dollar store in the hair styling aisle. also at beauty supply stores is another place to try.