Saturday, December 13, 2008

up & running

i have finally done it...created a blog of my own. i look forward to posting about my life as a child of Jesus Christ, a wife, a momma, a friend to some of the greatest girls in the world, and all the domesticness (if that is a word) i can manage to conjure up in a day.
~type to you soon~


m said...

Well look at ya! I'm soooo proud of you Miss Domestic Chick--like I said---people dream of doing things, but then put them on the back shelf until later--in the meantime--you've already done it! I'm impressed! Can't wait to follow your blog! Maybe a short & squatty is in your future?!!!!!

v. said...

my mentor and friend! This is going to be fun! You have such great ideas, it would be a waste not to share them. You are Impressive

v. said...

The picture looks like Neva

Catherine said...

Yeah...can't wait to follow your wonderful creative side! Thanks for sharing...know I'll be checking it quit often!

gigimom said...

What a joy you are to my heart, my life, my soul!
I love you more than I have words to tell!
May The LORD richly bless you as you seek to honor HIM in all you do!
Thank you for the blessing you are to my life as well as all who have the privilege of knowing you and calling you friend!
I look forward to sharing the journey with you!
I love you!
as always,

shannon said...

Yeah Le,
Can't wait to add it to my daily list of reads...I've got something coming to you for Christmas that I know will add ideas and inspiration for your blog! :)