Sunday, December 21, 2008

sleep little g

we left friday at 2:30 pm and little g didn't take a nap. we stopped for dinner around 6:30 and i thought surely it would be an early night for little g. no sleep anytime before 10:30. little g was wired for sound. he was doing push ups on my chest at 3:30 am illegally. sleep did not come for little g until close to 5 am, yes 5 am. sleep for little g, sweet release. praise the lord! little g has recovered quite nicely but next time little g requires travel over 8 hours, little g will be on a plane with momma.
~type to you soon~


d. said...

that sounds like you had fun! it's freezing here...we all should have followed you down there. have a very Merry Christmas.
see you when you get back!

Le said...

come on down. we always have room for you. i'm serious!

v. said...

well at least little g did not ask the question "Are we there yet?" the entire time he was awake:)

Miss you all. D is's FREEZING here... almost beyond freezing on the way to ARCTIC