Tuesday, March 31, 2009

eating organic/healthy using coupons

last night i went to kroger with the intention of purchasing mostly food to stock up on some of the items that i we do not have alot of. i also wanted to buy natural or organic food because i have found since i started the whole coupon adventure i have been "settling" for some items that would not be my first choice for my family. in this economy i justified the substitutions to myself but deep down it really bothered me. i can't make myself feel ok about giving my kids high fructose corn syrup when i can choose some natural sweetners.

so anyway i had some great success last night buying organic. i purchased some coupons on ebay for cascadian farm and nature valley a couple of weeks. both sets of coupons were for $1 off any type of item from each brand. i spent $4 to buy 40 coupons that saved me $40. last night my orginal total before coupons was $128.00. after coupons $68.00. i saved close to 50% purchasing fresh food and organic. just thought this was share worthy for those of you that are interested in the whole foods market.

~type to you soon~

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